2007 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships

Results of Event: Senior Women (Age 40-49)

1Axten, TracyTeam GB06:56.5
2Garcia, MarthaREMOMEXICO07:17.7
3Stein, CarlaTaff Attack Racing (this is an on-line virtual tea07:27.4
4Dropo, CarlaUnaffiliated07:34.7
5Frykman, HelenLong Beach Rowing Association07:35.5
6Naylor-Perrott, KimberleyTeam GB07:36.2
7Morris, SallyPhillips Exeter Academy07:40.3
8Smith, LeslieJacksonville Rowing Club07:43.0
9Galloway, ColleenNorwalk River Rowing Association07:47.5
10Arenberg, DebbieAlden Ocean Shell Association07:48.3
11Muri, LindaHFL07:49.3
12Gregg, KinleyMaine Rowing Association07:54.4
13Merritt, MarianneEssex Rowing Club07:54.8
14Hallett, DeborahTeam GB07:58.4
15Dagle, TerriSaratoga Rowing Association08:01.1
16Williams, LisaSaratoga Rowing Association08:01.8
17Briskey, KateHudson River Rowing Association08:10.0
18Worrell, KimSledgehammer Rowing Club08:10.5
19Houle, CorinneLitchfield Hills Rowing Club08:11.2
20Roemer, ChristineUnaffiliated08:13.9
21Rascon, LindaRIDE AND ROW -MEXICO08:17.4
22Hughes, KayTeam GB08:24.9
23Normoyle, EileenSouth Jersey Rowing Club08:25.8
24Gonzalez, AngelicaREMOMEXICO08:29.2
25Herrin, LauraUnaffiliated08:31.4
26Sweeney, RuthUnaffiliated08:34.4
27Dickinson, DeborahWinnipesaukee Rowing Club08:43.4
28Dubin, DonnaAlbany Rowing Center08:47.3
29Rios, RosyRIDE AND ROW -MEXICO08:58.3
30Bentz, MaryAnnStonington Sculls09:03.3
31Roberts, DeborahLitchfield Hills Rowing Club09:16.0
32Kiely, JeannetteUnaffiliated09:26.5
33Knight, LaurenUnaffiliated09:29.2
34Reavis, KathleenSledgehammer Rowing Club09:50.2

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